Hobbyist turned developer, I love the idea of Open Source. I'd even go so far as to say it's probably the most important idea humanity has ever had.

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Online I go by the pseudonym iLoveTux, although my real name is Cliff. I started programming in the '97 with QBasic (that's what was taught in my high school's intro to computer programming class) and moved on to Pascal, but I stuck with QBasic for my hobbyist adventures (I credit this to an online publication called "The QuickBasic Fanzine" which kept my interest). Around this time I got very interested in the move to object oriented programming, and started in on C++ (and subsequently C), but life got in the way of pursuing my career as a software developer.

In 2003, I was arrested for three counts of armed robbery and spent 5+ years in prison. I was then released on parole in 2008 and pursued any employment I could find. I worked at McDonald's for about 4 years (I made it to manager after 6 months which is about the time I met my loving wife), then I learned how to make hand tossed New York style pizza, which earned me more money than McDonald's. This is about the time that I had my first child, a boy, and I soon became manager of the pizza shop. I then got a job offer, my uncle who I would talk to on the phone about random computer stuff (I never lost my interest in computer programming) had an opening for a developer and wanted me to learn Python, so I hopped on codeacademy and started to learn. A few months later (I still had to work), I was ready to move on and start this new job. It is around this time that I had my second son.

Well, my new job was to develop a tool to help manage multiple IBM DataPower appliances. After three rewrites, I have a pretty cool architecture, although right now there is a big cleanup effort going on because I just learned about what are probably the two best, and underutilized tools for working on large applications in Python, setuptools entry_points (for a ready-made plug-in system), and (while not strictly a Python tool) git submodules. Also, I have incorporated the Anaconda/MiniConda Python Distributions to serve the same purpose as the (new in Python 3.5) embedded distribution of Python. So three new things added to our product caused a major need for some major cleanup, but it's going well especially for a product that has taught me (through trial and error) so much about real-world programming.

Also, recently I became enamored with the (new to me) concept of Test Driven Development (remember I had dropped out of the scene from 2003-2013). To start with this concept I created a project called data.store which acts as a primitive database whose syntax is inspired by MongoDB. You can check this out at https://github.com/ilovetux/datastore or just "pip install data.store"

Anyway, that's the abridged version. With an eye to the future I'm pursuing a udacity nano-degree in full stack development and otherwise trying to keep busy. I have also just added my third child, a daughter, to our family. I hope everyone on this list is having as much fun in life as I am!

If anyone needs any help our just want to talk shop, you can email me at me@ilovetux.com, and if you want to check out my (not quite abandoned) blog you can find it at here.

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